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Errichel House, Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland

For the past few months I have been working with Rebecca and Paul Newman from Errichel House,  Aberfeldy in the Highlands of Scotland to develop a range of bespoke plates and bowls for their new Gallery Dining Room.

They asked that I create pieces that reflect the colours and tones of the surrounding Perthshire hills and mountains.

A lot of time and research was invested in finding the correct range of coloured glazes that were food safe, durable and that matched well with the setting of the new dining room. The weight, size and balance of the new pieces - how they would feel in the hand during service, and indeed how the dishes created by Paul and his team of chefs would look on the new plates and bowls - were all important considerations.


The photos below show a selection of the finished pieces.


Rebecca from Errichel said,

'Having enjoyed seeing his work on Instagram we approached Ciaran to ask him if he would help us design some bowls and plates for special events at Errichel. He listened to what we like and paid close attention to our venue - style and location - and came up with some fantastic suggestions. He worked to find the colours and finishes we wanted and after a few test plates he achieved exactly what we were looking for. We now have a stunning bespoke set of dinnerware that has a sense of place. Ciaran was a pleasure to work with, coming forward with helpful ideas and suggestions and we are over the moon with the results. Hard wearing, handmade and beautiful pottery.'

Butter Dish.png

The House Beside the Orchard, Ireland


Eimear from House Beside the Orchard said,

'I brought it in a local craft shop called Danaan Crafts and because they didn't have the colour I wanted they chatted to Cairan who kindly made me one in this moody dark grey colour. It's so pretty I had to take it outside for a photo ASAP. Now to get some warm soda bread rustled up for my guests so we can make full use of dish.'

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